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Christmas socks


The holiday season is just around the corner, so why wait? Embrace the spirit of Christmas by wearing. Whether you’re looking for a perfect gift or a stylish addition to your outfit, our socks are the answer.

Produced with the best Organic combed cotton, for true softness.

Socks guaranteed to stay put all day under the toughest circumstances.
GOTS certificate – Certification Organic Cotton – this certification confirms that no toxic chemicals, no child labour and no environmental damage have been involved in the manufacturing process.

Crafted with 200 needles and hand linked.
Composition: 80% Organic Combed Cotton :: 17% Polyamide :: 3% Elastane
For better results, wash inside out.

Product omschrijving

We were on our second “Camino de Santiago” journey in March 2018, when the idea started bursting; it was raining a lot and every single day, you guessed it!, there was a need to change our socks several times in a row.

Hence we thought: why don’t we create our first project considering socks? – As soon as the idea came in the journey all the other details came up, how they’re made, how they are a symbol of our individuality, and how hard it was to find simple products with good quality.

Our attitude has always been of “it may seem crazy, but what’s life without some boldness?”

Soon afterward the ideas developed into a plan, with an epic amount of research, testing of the materials, visitation of many factories across Portugal and the designs to be placed in each pair, focusing on a simple way for each individual to express themselves on a daily basis.

Our hard work is a way of standing out and we are hopeful that it will help many of us.


All our products are designed and produced in Portugal, in the most sustainable, fair and balanced way possible.

A new chapter for walk is born: The Captain Socks