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Por do Sol basket

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Summer Edition Dip-Dye Deep Orange (=letterlijk betekend het “zonsondergang)

Size: Medium

Handgeweven  met biologisch riet

Detail: plantaardige gelooid leder + handgemaakt keramiek bedel

Handgemaakt in Portugal

Elke tas is uniek!

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Product omschrijving

TOINO ABEL takes a modern approach to basketry. We bring together an in-house designed collection with a unique savoir-faire while merging nature, design and folk culture.

TOINO ABEL was founded by Nuno Henriques, who has developed an interest in handwork over the past years. Nuno uses his passion for this almost lost craft to drive forward a tradition in new ways. Nuno started TOINO ABEL in 2010 in Berlin and moved to the Portuguese countryside in 2013 to work side by side local with the old remaining craftspeople

At Toino Abel, we don’t believe in a business model based on cheap labor. If this craft alone is not enough to pay decent wages, we are sorry, but perhaps it is not worth doing