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solar anklet


Designed with a sunshine state of mind. Expect a celebration that bare sun kissed skin. An ode to the long summer nights and garden parties.
Brought to life through an optimistic colour palette, a salutation to the transformative nature of light and colour.

Details: half edelstenen – roestvrijstaal 


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TiPi and the MooN – The story

in a world of fast fashion and offshore production, Tipi and the Moon has made the conscious decision to slow down in order to appreciate the beauty of the creative process. We believe in starting small and dreaming big. Every purchase makes a difference.

Each piece is handcrafted in Belgium by Ine Tierens, with love and care. Every single item is influenced by the story of its materials and is conceived with a passion for detail. The designs are inspired by gifts of the earth and ocean, ancient symbolism, tribal cultures and gypsy life, made with materials from around the world. Designed for the free spirited, luxe barefooted, wild hearted wanderer.

Tipi and the moon hopes to inspire you to never stop appreciating the natural world around us. Let’s turn dreams into reality…

About TiPi and the MooN Jewelry

We use super strong stainless steel, fine and sterling silver, semi-precious stones, shells, natural beads and tribal elements in our designs. Selected by hand to create a beautiful long-lasting and precious treasure.
TiPi and the MooN jewels are designed and produced in limited numbers and as everything is carefully hand finished and all of our gems are natural, every piece of TiPi and the MooN will be unique as the wearer.

Our jewelry can be worn in the ocean and fresh water (unless described otherwise), but substances like chlorine, perfume and bleach need to be avoided as this may damage the silver and weaken the cord.

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