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111 places along the algarve


The Algarve is different. On the coast of the former Kingdom of the Algarve the wind blows stronger, the summer is hotter, the cabbages grow bigger, the fruit ripens quicker and the grilled Sardines taste better than anywhere else in the country. The people are enthrallingly candid, sometimes defiantly stubborn or plaintively silent, but mostly they like to laugh out loud, and are nevertheless entirely conscious of tradition. A trip to the Algarve will take you to a different time zone, away from the constant bustle of middle-Europe to a calmness, typical for the Algarve, that is hard to resist. Inland the clock ticks differently again, and your curiosity for the country and its people will grow with every kilometer.

This book will lead you to 111 incredible places off the beaten track.

PB, 205 x 135 mm, 240 p, 111 Kleurenillustraties
E edition
Publication date: Okt. 18


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