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Infusa jug


De Infusa Jug, bedekt met een organisch patroon op een basis van terracotta klei, is een keramische kan die een perfecte aanvulling is op uw tafelsetting.

Elke Infusa-kan is zorgvuldig gemaakt van terracotta klei uit Barcelos, Portugal en is bedekt met een glanzend glazuur. Er past 1 liter vloeistof in.

Crafted by Cerâmica Soutelo and hand painted by INFUSA

• Afmetingen: 14x14x20 cm

• Uniek handgemaakt stuk

• Kleuren en afmetingen kunnen enigszins afwijken als gevolg van het zorgvuldige handwerkproces

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Product omschrijving

INFUSA is a Portuguese home decor label focussing on handcrafted and slow produced items. Honing in on the handcrafted and slowly produced pieces that form our homes and daily lives. Our production is centered around honesty, crafted with intention and imbued with respect for our natural environment. INFUSA’s roots are the essence of traditional crafts, daringly passed on through generations found in the local villages that surround us

INFUSA was founded in 2022 by couple and artists Eva Halfers and Francisco Fonseca. Born in The Netherlands, Eva obtained an intense value of handmade pieces through her artisanal grandpa’s. Francisco, who grew up on a farm in Penafiel, was surrounded by many of the artisanal functional objects. The fascination of Francisco on the culture and tales of the villages of his home country and the fascination of crafts of Eva were the seeds of this project that we hope sees the continuing of craft for lifetimes to come.

Currently Eva and Francisco live in Penafiel, where INFUSA was born and blooms today. The two perspectives of Eva and Francisco join to offer you INFUSA. This is where we combine our personal interest of craft and culture, with the purpose of bringing honest goods to your home. By sourcing materials, working with local production in Portugal and collaborating closely with our artisan partners, we are honored to take you with us in the process of all our high-quality handcrafted products.

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