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organic craft soda



We added a very Portuguese aromatic herb to the most appetizing red fruit. The result is our most surprising and addictive flavour.

Framboos + tijm biologische ambachtelijke frisdrank

Made in Portugal

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Over Why Not Soda

Life should be like a good soda. Full of surprises authentic and real. Dancing between sweet and sour. It’s in your hand. Enjoy every sip, until the last drop. Why Not. We radically changed our lives and moved to Portugal to create delicious Organic Craft Sodas for you. What’s your Why Not-Move? Why Not Sodas are 100% natural, lightly sparkling Adult Soft Drinks with twisted flavours for a unique taste experience. Our sodas are are made in Portugal with only high quality natural ingredients. They are bio-certified, sugar-reduced, vegan and gluten-free (≤0.01mg / 100ml). It’s all a question of attitude.

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